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6.1 My GIROCAM is not starting

Possible reasons :

  • The battery is not charged

Place the battery in the GIROCAM, charge it using the provided red USB cable & USB charger.

  • The battery is not correctly inserted

Insert the battery and close the rotating lock to correctly maintain it.

  • The USB charger is not working properly

Test the charge with a spare USB charger (Iphone charger works well) to see if the problem comes from the charger.

  • The SD card inside your GIROCAM is corrupted - my GIROCAM shows []

Format properly your SD card.

6.2 My GIROCAM shows [Err 21]

Possible reasons :

  • The SD card inside your GIROCAM is corrupted

Format properly your SD card

  • The SD card inside your GIROCAM is not supported

GIROCAM supports SD & SDHC cards up to 16 GB

6.3 My GIROCAM does not play sound

Possible reasons :

  • The volume is set to “0” on your device

Turn on the GIROCAM, place the rotator between 2 modes once it is started, press the shoot button to change the volume

  • Your firmware is not up to date

Update your GIROCAM Firmware to the latest version

6.4 Corrupted Gir File

Possible reasons :

  • You turns off your camera before the end of shooting

When you start the shot, you must wait to see appear again mode (Photo HDR, Mode A or Mode B)

  • The SD card inside your GIROCAM is corrupted

Format properly your SD card

6.5 My images are not of the good color

Possible reasons :

  • The parameters by default of the Software Kolor Girocam Studio were modified

Reset the parameters by default, for it please go has the part 2 of this online help 2. THE KOLOR GIROCAM STUDIO SOFTWARE, Then apply settings post in the part 2.4 of this online help (2.4 How to change the default settings)

6.6 My images do not have the correct date

Possible reasons :

  • Girocam the system possesses the correct date

Reset configurations Girocam for this please go to Part 4 of this online help 4. Configure your GIROCAM , then apply the settings shown

6.7 Several special characters appear on the screen Girocam

Possible reasons :

  • The unit starts

Leave the device boot normally, the display of certain characters and quite normal during startup of the device

6.8 The Girocam not turn on, the red LED lights or similar characters in "A88YT" appear on the screen

Possible reasons :

  • The unit has no battery

Check that your cable and the charger is operating and recharge your device for a period of 5 to 6 hours minimum. If it persists try changing the red cable with a similar type of cable digital camera, or change the charger iPhone charger types. If it lasts thank you to contact our services.

6.9 You want to establish a command line

Possible reasons :

  • Many treatment

Here is the path to follow in order to run our software from the command line. folder_to_Kolor_Girocam_Studio/Girocam_win32.exe folder_to_panorama/PANO00021.GIR

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