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2.1 What is the KOLOR GIROCAM Studio Software

The GIROCAM Camera produces a .GIR file when taking a 360 panoramic images. This GIR file contains all the image raw data. The GIR file size will depend on the selected shooting mode.

GIR files must be processed by the KOLOR GIROCAM studio to create the final panoramic image.

The KOLOR GIROCAM Studio does the following :

  • Raw extraction for each sensor / exposure
  • Debayer Filter
  • Image stitching
  • Image color optimization

2.2 How to install the KOLOR GIROCAM Studio

Note: You must approve the Software End User Agreement before using & installing the KOLOR GIROCAM Studio

  • Login to your GIROCAM platform
  • Download the KOLOR GIROCAM Studio software matching your current working environment (Win 32, Win 64, Mac)
  • Double click on the downloaded file to proceed with the software setup
  • Use the default setup settings when asked for a confirmation

2.3 How to use the KOLOR GIROCAM Studio

  • Double click the KOLOR GIROCAM Studio icon
  • The KOLOR GIROCAM Studio software opens

  • There are 2 major icons on the Studio interface. Those 2 icons allow you to batch process your images.

Note: It is recommended to copy the GIR files from your GIROCAM to a folder located on your computer before processing your images withe the Studio

ICON Description
Click here to select the folder where your GIR files are located
Click here to process your GIR files with the KOLOR GIROCAM Studio
  • The Studio will process all the selected images at once…

  • …and will show you a preview of your panoramic images

  • From this interface you can adjust your panoramic image by moving the sliders located on the bottom of the interface.

Note: We recommend you to use the default settings

2.4 How to change the default settings

Open the Studio settings window by clicking on Edit > Settings


The KOLOR GIROCAM Studio supports currently 3 formats: JPG, TIFF 16 bits, EXR 16 bits


The default presets can be restored or changed from this interface


The preview mode can be disabled from this interface, this is needed when you want to batch process your images with your default settings.

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