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3.1 What is the platform Girocam

Girocam your platform is a platform that lets you create your own virtual tours change.

3.2 How to create your own virtual tour

After having clicked on My virtual tours, click on “Create a new virtual tour” Accept the terms and conditions GIROPTIC.

  • Send or drag your images (JPEG)
  • Wait while downloading your images

Once uploaded images a multitude of options available to you.

Several tabs appear on the screen: Edit, Links, Logo, Music, Google Maps, Share, Hotspot, Plan, Trier. These tabs allow you to customize your images to get a clearer and more enjoyable visit.

The Edit tab allows you to name the title and the description of the virtual tour.

Links tab allows you to get unique link to this visit, and the code to integrate this virtual tour.

The Logo tab allows you to insert your own logo which will be displayed during the presentation of your virtual tour. To do this click on “Send a new logo.”

The Music tab allows you to select from 18 songs. The selected music will be present from start to finish of the virtual tour.

Google Maps tab allows you to locate the address that is the visit. To do this enter your address and click “Geocode”, as there is of a red dot on your map address was taken into account. To delete the address click on “Delete”.

Share tab allows you to share this visit through various social networks. Such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The virtual tour will be shared on each of your own social networks.

Hotspot tab allows you to transition from one picture to another. Click the location where you want to make the transition, and then select the image that will serve as a transition.

The Sort tab allows you to sort your images to move images in the order you want.

Feel free to use the tabs “SAVE” to save the progress of customizing your pictures condition. “Request View” to get an idea about the progress of your work, “DOWNLOAD” to complete your virtual tour. Once finished downloading you are now ready.

3.3 How to configure Girocam

After you click Configure Girocam, you will see the four modes on this camera Girocam. (HDR, PHOTO, A, B).

So you can change:

  • The waiting time for photo taking is 0 to 60 seconds.
  • The level of exposure that allows for some adjustments to the number of shooting and brightness.
  • Note that it is impossible to change the first two modes, the HDR effect and PHOTO mode is the default setting mode.

To complete the configuration of the Girocam, thank you to follow the steps Indicated 1 to 5.

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