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5.1 What is a FIRMWARE

In electronic systems and computing, firmware is a term often used to denote the fixed programs that internally control electronic devices. Typical end-user products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, synthesizers, etc., contain firmware to enable the device's basic operation as well as implementing higher-level functions.

The GIROCAM firmware is developped by GIROPTIC and updates are frequently available. Those updates will either correct eventual bugs or improve the GIROCAM capabilities (sound, data transfer rate,…)

The GIROCAM ships with the latest FIRMWARE version available so upgrading is usually not needed when you use your device for the first time.

5.2 How to upgrade it

Make sure to have a fully charged battery before proceeding with the following steps

Click Here to see the GIROCAM FIRMWARE Update History

Connect to your GIROCAM platform and click on “GIROCAM UPDATE”

  • Insert an empty SD card inside your GIROCAM
  • Turn on your GIROCAM and plug it to your computer via USB
  • Using the form located on the GIROCAM UPDATE page, upload the file named “vers” located on your GIROCAM drive
  • Save the zip file returned by the GIROCAM UPDATE page
  • Unzip and transfer the content of the zip file to your GIROCAM
  • Unplug the USB cable from the GIROCAM without powering it off
  • The update is done automatically by the GIROCAM, it will automatically reboot once the process is finished.
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